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Referrals - Get RiotPoints for your friends work!

New proof and guide video above!

Dont want to go through the three steps to unlock your RiotPoints?
This way will be the most easiest you can archive them:

Send the link below to 5 people to unlock this 10$ Riot Point code!

Your Referral-Link:

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New: Top 3 Referrals get an unique 25$ RP Card - Check Leaderboard here

You need to Refresh the website when you want to check your points!

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Bonuscode 0 / 30 Referrals

-The Bonuscodes are updated every day
-The code can be seen directly on web, no downloads, no surveys!
-The best offer for only 30 referral-points!

Recent reviews of happy users:
  So, I did not believe in this. But I wanted to try. It was really a huge surprise for me when I found out, that the code, which was supposed to give me 1380 RP, really works! Thank you!!

-Alex F.

Thank you - Rengar is a nice champ and now I can get bring it up with him! Wow! Just, wow!

-Jan Z.

Yay, I really want to thank you guys for bringing this to us! =D - I did it twice and I have 2760 RP now on my account! Now I am browsing through my shop to find out which skins I will buy, haha.

-Susan D.